Club Photo Gallery

Group Photo at Top Rail 2003

Group Photo at Top Rail 2003
by Vanessa Lee White

Unfortunately Top Rail no longer exists.

December 17, 2006
Holiday Party at Copper Spur Saloon


Our Members are Generous. Bears for Bears on Patrol.

November 19, 2006
Thanksgiving Meeting at Copper Spur Saloon


Setting up our Thanksgiving Spread

October 28, 2006
Halloween at W.W. Fairfields


Susan makes a very good witch for Halloween

October 19, 2006
Tom Thumb Service Award Function


October 15, 2006
Copper Spur Saloon


Club Picnic
Carrollton, TX
September 16, 2006


Western Day
Lewisville, TX
September 2, 2006


Susan Mason, Terrie Campbell, Nancy & Guy Carusone, Richard Rogers and Mike Martin


San Antonio, TX
May 20, 2006


Susan Mason and Mike Martin at the Riverwalk.


Mother's Day Outing
May 9, 2006
Southern Junction


Ingrid Ford, Jerry Gandy enjoying dinner

Shreveport, LA
April 2006

Enjoying a meal at the casino

Susan Mason

David Buck and Mike Martin

Guy Carusone

Helen Buck

Nancy Carusone

Susan Mason, Helen Buck and Nancy Carusone

David Buck Explaining what?

I want a Dinkie!

"I'm not her dinkie."

Dancing at Rockin' Rodeo

More dancing at Rockin' Rodeo

What a lush!

It's boogie time!

Boogie Boogie

Nancy and Guy Carusone

David and Helen Buck

Mike Martin and Susan Mason

Susan Mason and Helen Buck "Pole" Dancing

Susan Mason and Helen Buck "Pole" Dancing

View of the pool from the Isle of Capris Casino



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