Dance Lessons

We offer free lessons.  So contact us regarding a function you might have that we can perform at. 

It's great fun, and you could well meet a "special" someone!  Would you like to learn the Double Two-step?  Line dancing?  How about the Three-step? Here's your chance! Come join us for FREE line dance lessons!  You're sure to have a great time!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question Answer
Do I need a partner? I'm 6'2" tall and I've been told that I'm good looking. No, we have a lot of singles and I will find a partner for you. Being 6'2" and good looking helps, but you don't have to be one of the "beautiful" people to have a good time.
I have 2 "left feet." Can I learn to dance? Sure. We will try to fix you up with someone who has 2 right feet and you will be a perfect pair. I'm sure you can learn to dance with a little help.
How much do dance lessons cost? Line dance lessons are free.
I've danced some but don't know which class to attend. Come on out and join in on the lessons on the 1st and 3rd Saturday each month with Mike Martin at Let 'Er Rip Bar & Eatery starting at 7 p.m.
What are the "3-step" and the "double 2-step?" These are just two of several versions of the two-step. They are the most popular dances done in the Metroplex, and are both very easy to learn.
How long will it take me to dance? Everyone learns at a different pace. At each lesson you will learn a little more until you are a great dancer. Who knows, you may be a natural and learn it all in one week.
How do I sign up for lessons? You don't have to sign up. Just come on out to the floor when we start dance lessons. Be ready for a lot of fun.
Do I have to be a good dancer to take the intermediate lessons? No. If you learn the basic steps, you can follow the lessons. We go real slow and have great helpers if you need extra help.

"You gotta get off the couch, get out of the house,
long about Friday night.
Shine up your boots, polish up your moves,
if you wanna keep her satisfied.
You know a little bump'n grind'll do it every time,
if you wanna keep your little girl.
But you don't stand a chance 'less
you take her out to dance...
Cause we're livin' in a Honky Tonk World!"
Chris LeDoux, Honky Tonk World, Haywire CD, 1994

Have questions about dance lessons?

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